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Put on a pilot’s vest, fasten your belt, hook up and off you go. At the beginning you will be excited – adrenalin is involved. The view into the valley shows what awaits you: A flight of the extra class! In a sitting position you glide down over the landscape at airy heights closely passing all the trees! The wind blows around your ears and your heart beats faster and faster!

You can experience this feeling with the Serfauser Sauser. The start is at the mountain terminal of the Sunliner and then you get down to the Komperdell valley terminal passing 4 sections of different lengths.

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Under tel. +43/5476/6203, at the Sunliner mountain terminal or directly at the Komperdell valley terminal ticket offices.

part 1 – warm up
mountain terminal height of the rope: 1,834 m
valley terminal height of the rope: 1,763 m
difference in altitude: 71 m
length: 500.9 m
gradient: 14 %

part 3 – top view
mountain terminal height of the rope: 1,601 m
valley terminal height of the rope: 1,567 m
difference in altitude: 34.2 m
length: 297.6 m
gradient: 11 %

part 2 – panorama
mountain terminal height of the rope: 1,763 m
valley station terminal of the rope: 1,601 m
difference in altitude: 162.2 m
length: 783.7 m
gradient: 21 %

part 4 – speed ride
mountain terminal height of the rope: 1,567 m
valley terminal height of the rope: 1,450 m
difference in altitude: 117 m
length: 527.7 m
gradient: 22 %


Participation possible with minimum 1.30 metres height, minimum 30 kg weight, maximum 125 kg weight.

Opening times 2018

From 16 June until 21 October 2018 daily from 9.00 am to 4.30 pm.

Prices 2018

Adults: € 34.00.
Youth (born 2000-2003): € 29.00.
Children (born 2004 or later): € 20.50.

Serfauser Sauser.

Dear guests and friends of the Hotel Maximilian,

Unfortunately, the corona pandemic and its effects are forcing us, despite the impending easing and reopening possibilities, to make a decision that is really not easy for us with regard to the upcoming summer season.
Due to many unforeseeable and plannable situations, the management decided not to open the Hotel Maximilian in the upcoming summer season. This "not opening" in summer is very difficult for us, but unfortunately it cannot be avoided.

We ask for your understanding and would like to thank all guests who had planned to spend their summer vacation with us in the next few weeks. We would be very happy to see you again maybe in winter.

All the best and stay healthy.

Your Hotel Maximilian

TIP: Book your winter holiday in the "Maximilian" by September 30th and look forward to one
7% early bird discount from 3 nights (this is not valid for special winter offers)

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