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Wellness at Hotel Maximilian

...directly on the sun plateau Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis – the most beautiful spot in Tyrol...

We offer energetic spa treatments for your body, spirit and soul care.

An essential oil–wellness–treatment pampers skin and senses; with gentle flushings and soft kneadings the basic oil that is enriched with balancing – mood-enhancing and calming – essential oils concentrating on your needs is massaged into the skin. All oils that are used are 100% naturally pure and top-quality oils from controlled cultivation so that only “good things” touch your skin and senses.

Treat yourself to this “mini holiday” during your Serfaus holiday and let yourself be pampered!

Please reserve your massage for your arriving!

Please contact us to get more information!

Massage offer

Pamper yourself in our Spa area!

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Bali Aroma oil massage

Strikethrough with hands and forearms of meridians creates a unique deep relaxation

50 minutes
€ 59,00 per person

Honey massage

Honey massage incorporates the healing effects of honey and the beneficial ingredients that honey contains. During the massage, Beneficial substances from the honey are absorbed directly into the skin and trapped toxins are loosened.  As an added benefit, the muscles are stretched and loosened. 

25 minutes back & neck massage
€ 38,00 per massage

Full body massage

Indulge yourself throughout the comforting feeling of relaxation of the whole body.
Experience the pinnacle of classical massage.

50 minutes
€ 55,00 per person

Aroma oil massage

Soothing full body massage with aromatic oils selected by you.
The effect is relaxing or invigorating, depending on the oil.

50 minutes
€ 59,00 per person

Foot reflexology massage

The marvels of the human body are reflected in the reflex zones of the soles of the feet. 

25 minutes
€ 35,00 per massage
50 minutes
€ 59,00 per massage

Coconut scrub

Full body peeling with coconut oil and coconut. Wellbeing for body - skin and soul

50 minutes
€ 50,00 per massage

Combination massage

A combination of a relaxing back massage and foot massage.

50 minutes
€ 55,00 per person

Cupping massage

The cupping massage is also called suction massage.

This treatment with cupping heads was described 3,000 years ago in Mesopotamia. The "bloody cupping" was already a bit out of fashion in the Middle Ages, the bloodless, however, gained more and more popularity.

This method is intended to help against circulatory problems, muscle pain and tension, back pain, chronic headache, but also help with asthma and tuberculosis.

25 minutes
€ 55,00 per person

La Stone

The La Stone therapy is a combination of massage, energy work and the soothing effect of hot and cold stones. The whole organism is charged with new energy and vitality. This more energy and balance comes into our lives. 

75 minutes
€ 88,00 per Person

Partial massage

Ideal for strained neck and back or tired legs. The partial massage provides good results when it comes to relax in a relatively short time individual body parts.

25 minutes
€ 35,00 per person
40 minutes
€ 50,00 per person

Children massage

For children until 12 years

15 minutes
€ 25,00 pro child

Dear guests and friends of the Hotel Maximilian,

Unfortunately, the corona pandemic and its effects are forcing us, despite the impending easing and reopening possibilities, to make a decision that is really not easy for us with regard to the upcoming summer season.
Due to many unforeseeable and plannable situations, the management decided not to open the Hotel Maximilian in the upcoming summer season. This "not opening" in summer is very difficult for us, but unfortunately it cannot be avoided.

We ask for your understanding and would like to thank all guests who had planned to spend their summer vacation with us in the next few weeks. We would be very happy to see you again maybe in winter.

All the best and stay healthy.

Your Hotel Maximilian

TIP: Book your winter holiday in the "Maximilian" by September 30th and look forward to one
7% early bird discount from 3 nights (this is not valid for special winter offers)

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